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What are the insurance implications for households affected by load shedding?

From power surges and spoiled food to fires and criminal opportunists, Eskom’s load shedding poses a number of risks at home, says insurance quote provider Hippo.co.za

Hippo says it has recorded an increase in the range and types of claims it's receiving as a result of load shedding.

Hippo's Sharney Nel advises home insurance clients to check the terms and conditions of their insurance policies.

Nel adds that clients must do their best to protect their assets and appliances from potential damage in order to avoid repudiated claims.

Below is some of her key advice:

  • Be cautious when lighting and blowing out candles during power outages.

  • Minimise fire risk by being mindful of where candles and other flammable objects are placed.

  • Check whether your home contents' insurance also includes the contents of your fridge.

  • If so, keep your grocery receipts for cases where food goes off as a result of prolonged outages.

  • Invest in power surge plugs to minimise the risk of damaged appliances.

  • Be pro-active about your home security and have contingency measures for when alarm systems and gates are compromised.

Because people are using more candles, there's definitely a higher risk in terms of fires.

Sharney Nel, Spokesperson - Hippo.co.za

Look at alternative ways, such as oil lamps or things that are safer in terms of reducing the fire risk.

Sharney Nel, Spokesperson - Hippo.co.za

See what your insurance states in terms of damage to appliances.

Sharney Nel, Spokesperson - Hippo.co.za

Make sure that you've looked at security, alarm systems, gates and all the things that impact your premium payment.

Sharney Nel, Spokesperson - Hippo.co.za

Listen to the insurance advice in detail:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 6 Insurance tips to cover mishaps linked to load shedding

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