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JOHANNESBURG - Eskom is optimistic about energy supply this week, saying that the outlook looks favourable, with plants performing better than last week.

The power utility doesn't expect to implement load shedding.

Last week, the country was plunged into hours of darkness as Eskom battled to sort out issues with generating units at some stations.

The utility had been strongly criticised for its inefficiencies, with many organisations and bodies calling for the removal of its board.

Eskom said load shedding implemented last week was necessary to bring supply and demand into balance.

The utilities’ Andrew Etzinger said, that for now, the supply had been restored.

“We are glad to say that while there’s no load shedding today [Sunday], the outlook for the rest of the week looks good and we are not expecting to implement load shedding."

Etzinger said if things do go wrong the public would be alerted.

“Then you avoid a national blackout which is not a scenario we would ever contemplate.”

He said that Eskom fully understood the economic impact of load shedding which the power utility only rolls out as a last resort.

(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)

This article first appeared on EWN : Eskom not expecting to implement load shedding this week

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