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JOHANNESBURG – Trevor Noah has announced that American direct broadcast satellite service provider, AT&T-DirectTV, is planning on dropping his comedy show’s channel Comedy Central and 22 more other channels.

On Thursday, Noah took to Twitter to announce that should this happen then his show, The Daily Show , will no longer be aired on television.

While some Americans were devastated by the news, others were in full support of the canning of his show, going as far as calling it a “waste.”

Noah took over as the host of the show from American comedian Jon Stewart in 2015. With close to 4.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1,300 videos, the show is said to be very popular amongst young viewers.

While Americans seemed to be rejoicing over the news, SA Twitter defended Noah, calling for the satellite service provider to keep Comedy Central.

This article first appeared on EWN : SA defends Trevor Noah as Americans support canning of show

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