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The hashtag #ItWasntEasyBut went viral on Twitter this week, prompting a number of South Africans to share their personal struggle stories and how they overcame them.

The Flash Drive team opened up about their own experiences.

Zoë Brown shared how she used to commute from Stellenbosch to Green Point to make it to her midnight radio show using public transport. And that she slept on friends couches just to be closer to work.

Carl Wastie, a Pinelands High alumni, then spoke about his struggles including working several jobs to support himself, how he managed to study psychology at UCT and his path to radio broadcasting.

On the topic of success, the Flash Drive spoke to the very personification of hard work and perseverance - Queen B herself, Bonang Matheba.

I've had many failures, but I always try. I pick myself up and I try again.

Bonang Matheba on The Flash Drive

The thing about success, about doing something great is about completion. Finishing what you started. That's what separates people who are good from people who are great.

Bonang Matheba on The Flash Drive

Also joining the #ItWasntEasyBut conversation was Dave from The Kiffness. He called into The Flash Drive to share words about his humble beginnings.


Drive home with Carl, and beat away the boredom with his energetic brand of humour and witty banter. He’s got the best mix of music and entertainment to make you drive home worthwhile, while Zoë Brown has all the updates to keep your traffic blues at bay. Drive home with the most music and feel great!


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