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Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy award-winning song ‘Shallow’ from the hit movie, ‘A Star Is Born’ was a hit ever since audiences heard its opening chords in the movie’s viral trailer, before it went on to become a chart topper and ultimately win the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Now, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of the song at the 91st Annual Academy Awards last month is getting a new treatment: the bad lip reading take.

If you don’t know Bad Lip Reading – it’s a YouTube channel that dubs famous videos with different words, that look like they actually could be what is being said…

The team at Bad Lip Reading have created a song called Chocolate Lagoon for the dub.

Meanwhile, the original song charted at no.28 this past weekend (23 Mar 2019) on the Coca-Cola Top40SA with Carl Wastie.

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