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Social media shares the worst pronunciation of names, some pronunciations are hilarious

[Watch] Chaos as suicidal SA pilot crashes plane into clubhouse

If you have a hard name to pronounce, nine times out of ten, your name will be mispronounced.

Check out what happened when a social media user asked other users what the worst pronunciation is that they have ever heard?

Kyrgios hits underarm serve against Lajovic

Nick Kyrgios made social media waves as he used the underhand serve to great effect on Sunday night during his win over Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic at the Miami Open.

Buttler caught in 'Mankad' storm as he is run out at non-striker's end during IPL clash

Another sporting event went viral after England batsman Jos Buttler found himself at the centre of a 'Mankad' controversy in the Indian Premier League on Monday after being run out at the non-striker's end.

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