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Time in the Saddle is a podcast series hosted by avid cyclist and radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor focusing on all things exciting in the world of cycling. In the twelfth episode of season two, Ryan and Jason Lind discuss fitness apps, gravel bikes and how to transport your cycling gear.

In this episode of Time in the Saddle, Ryan and Jason chat about the fitness apps use and integration, impressive gravel bikes and best ways to transport cycling gear.

There's something for everybody. My wife hassles me every day, did I get my 10 000 steps to get the Discovery Vitality points.

Jason Lind – Olympic Cycles

I'm surprised that none of the bikes actually crack or break going through the torture they get put through.

Ryan O'Connor – Kfm 94.5 radio presenter

People have to transport their bikes. Back in the day, I remember having a little hatchback, putting down the seats, preparing the whole back of the car with towels and blankets so I don't get oil on the seats.

Ryan O'Connor – Kfm 94.5 radio presenter

Listen to Ryan O’Connor in conversation with his good friend and cyclist, Jason Lind as they discuss all things cycling in the fifteenth episode of the second season of Time in the Saddle.

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