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CAPE TOWN – The Mr South Africa account has removed a tweet with the pictures of the 2019 finalists after being mocked by social media users.

Mr SA has been trending on social media since the pictures were released. Twitter users have compared the finalists to criminals and have also called out Mr South Africa organisers over the picture quality.

The account’s admin clapped back at several remarks. In one response to @iKingVele_Le, it said: “Hang on, we never said you need to be Sexy to be Mr SA. All we ask is dedication to a better SA and a good heart. If that’s not good enough for our country then we don’t know what else to give you.”

This response sparked debate as many people questioned why Miss SA finalists need to be “flawless”. Miss SA started trending shorty after Mr SA’s response.

Mr SA's admin later responded on Twitter by retweeting a post by @Cybertaters on cyberbullying and said: “Now this is the mentality we love. Thank you!”

The winner is expected to be announced in a few months.

This article first appeared on EWN : 'You don't need to be sexy to be Mr SA': Mr SA finalists tweet removed

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