1. 01:00 - 05:00 The Best of the Cape

Monster Jam Drivers Becky McDonough (El Toro Loco), and Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmation) joined Kfm Mornings ahead of the event on Saturday 27 April.Cars that will feature at tomorrow's event will include trucks like Gravedigger, Max D, Megladon, Zombie, Monster Energy and Gas Monkey, who have all come down to show off their stuff in South Africa.

They covered all the behind-the-scenes action that takes place at Monster Jam, from how to become a driver to how they ship the cars from country to country. They also peered into how the representation of women is ever-growing in the industry.

Darren also surprised Becky and Candice with the Truck Driver Song... You really have to take a listen to their response to the viral song!

Darren also revealed that he will be driving El Toro Loco straight after the show this morning. Make sure you're glued to Facebook to see how it all goes down!

Take a listen to the interview below.

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