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Good to know with Wendy Knowler is a monthly consumer podcast series that gives subscribers insights into the most common mistakes made by consumers in South Africa. If you are in the market for a car, planning your wedding or wondering how to change your travel plans – this series will have something for you. Subscribe so that you don't miss out on the series, here.

In this episode, Wendy Knowler asks when it's okay to be verbally and physically abusive towards a company or one of its employees. The short answer?

Here's why it's not a good idea to lose control:

1. Remain calm, if you want to be taken seriously

No matter how badly you've been treated, when you lose control and act in extreme anger, it overshadows the validity of your complaint and it becomes all about your behaviour and, not about the initial issue.

Someone who is steely calm but assertive and, absolutely clear about how they've been harmed and what they expect and, by when is far more likely to be taken seriously and actually get what they want and what they're entitled to.

Wendy Knowler

2. Someone might film you and post it on social media

There's a good chance that someone could record your abusive episode and post it onto social media for the world to see. This could affect your changes of getting a job or promotion at the company you're working at because essentially, you could be bringing your company into disrepute.

3. Your behaviour could be harmful to employees

It's never a good idea to be abusive towards employees. It minimises the validity of your initial complaint, that then becomes overshadowed by your conduct towards the employee – even if they were in the wrong. Store salespersons, call centre agents and frontline staff are just as deserving of fair treatment and respect as consumers.

Here's why venting on social media could result in legal action:

The internet never forgets.

To lend to your credibility as a consumer, be sure to state your truth in a calm and rational manner. This way, Wendy says – it will always carry more weight than if you do so in capital letters.

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