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On Monday, CapeTalk's Breakfast Show received this call from Kieran, a third-year student at the Cape Peninsula of Technology (CPUT). He explained that he is set to start his BTech qualification next year but says he was notified by a lecturer last week that this is not set to happen.

It leaves me in a difficult position.

Kieran, Student - CPUT

CapeTalk listener Errol contacted the station with a similar story.

CPUT spokesperson Lauren Kansley talks to Pippa Hudson about students' concerns around course requirement changes which they say are confusing.

But this is not just affecting the engineering students and graduates says Kansley.

It is across the entire higher education system. What Kieran and Errol are describing is the re-curriculation of all programmes.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

It is being driven by the Department of Higher Education and CPUT is just one of the stakeholders, she explains and has been communicated through the departments, on the website and via emails since 2013.

I am surprised they say they were only told a week ago.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

What it's attempting to achieve is a single co-ordinated higher education system.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

It's saying that someone at one programme at one institution should be able to migrate to another institution and have their courses considered equal. One should not be superior to another.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

How does this affect students?

You would still be on your career path and on your way to graduation. Most people would still be finishing your old qualification...We are closing off the cycle for the old courses...There is some migration for the pipeline students.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

She says it will investigate Kieran's case but students should not be having to do additional months.

You should simply be migrating.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

And it does not invalidate the old courses which was Errol's concern, she says.

We are simply re-imaging a new one.

Lauren Kansley, Spokesperson - CPUT

She says the aim is to dispell the perception that a university degree is superior to a technikon qualification.

Listen to Kansley below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'Re-curriculation' aims to equalise all higher education qualifications - CPUT

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