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Patient 1

Suffering from a bad case of Monday Blues, Carl Wastie prescribes his first patient a dose of 'Good Feeling' by Flo Rida.

Patient 2

On a strict ketogenic diet, patient 2 is feeling tempted by all the high-carb sugar loaded foods. Carl Wastie knows exactly what to do... up the cardio and RUN IT!

Patient 3

Patient 3 is feeling down because her best friend is emigrating to another country with her family. Carl Wastie suggests sending her friend pictures of the beautiful Cape Town sunsets, beaches and of course our mountains to make her friend STAY!

Patient 4

Nervous about her very important upcoming exam, Patient 4 calls on for advice on how to SHAKE IT OFF!

Patient 5

After being social media hacked and attacked by an ex, Patient 5 has been left feeling overwhelmed. Carl Wastie suggests that he change his passwords and cut out the negativity in his life, because IT'S NOT RIGHT!

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