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Mondays can be rather quite tough on the system, especially if your weekend was lit! This Monday, Dr Wastie took on 5 patients in desperate need of PsyCarlOgy. These are their songs, and their stories.

patient 1

Tarryn was experiencing the worse case of the Mondays. She celebrated her birthday on the weekend and didn’t want the festivities to end. She called on Dr Wastie for a pick-me-up. His advice: bring back the party feeling with Katy Perry's Birthday!

Patient 2

If you're like Dr Wastie's second client, you're looking for moral support after The Proteas' disappointing performance at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Sounds like you need some TLC from diva's Whitney and Mariah.

Patient 3

It's exam season and client 3 is feeling defeated. It's been 2 months of non-stop studying and working. With one more exam to go, there's light at the end of the tunnel, however, she needs a final push from Dr Wastie. His prescription? Understand that all the stress you've been through has made you STRONGER!

Patient 4

Cyndi is having a hectic day today. Her daughter is going for an operation on Wednesday to have her tonsils removed. Sounds like a simple procedure but mom is a nervous-wreck and needs some advice to calm her down. Dr Wastie says, don't overthink it. Trust the professionals and believe that she'll safe and sound!

Patient 5

You’re getting a promotion! YES! But it’s without an increase! WTF? A difficult pill to swallow. And how do you tackle the issue of a raise with management? Dr Waistie suggests starting with a dose of Fifth Harmony - Worth It... because baby, you're WORTH IT!

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