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Presenter Azania Mosaka and 702 visited the Winnie Mandela Secondary School in Tembisa to carry out another Random Act of Kindness with the Dis-Chem Foundation.

They carry out annually, the Million Comforts Campaign, to provide sanitary pads to girls throughout the country.

Azania Mosaka, Presenter - 702

We believe children are truly the future of South Africa, and if these girls are having their periods and are not able to come to school, then they are not able to get their education, then how are they able to make a difference in this world?

Sherry Saltzman - Dis-Chem Foundation

As of now, we are having 1,947 learners and most come from very seriously challenging home environments. The school itself provides a kind of a hope.

Mr Kekana, Principal - Winnie Mandela Secondary School

Watch the video below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Dis-Chem Foundation brings comfort to Winnie Mandela Secondary School in Tembisa

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