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The Consumer Protection Act says a supplier may not market goods or services in a way which implies a false or misleading representation and that consumers are entitled to good quality goods and services.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Are you planning to rent out accommodation, particularly over the high season?

Or, perhaps you’re looking to book such accommodation?

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed consumer journalist Wendy Knowler.

She had a cautionary tale for those who answered “yes” or “maybe” to one or both questions above.

For more detail, listen to the interview in the audio below (and scroll down for more quotes from it).

Whoever you paid your money to is responsible to pay it back…

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Take photos to prove your case… Match them frame to frame with the ads you saw online…

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO) is the way to go…

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

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This article first appeared on 702 : Renting out or booking accommodation this coming high season? A cautionary tale…

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