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Dave Scott aka The Kiffness recently dropped a song and music video in honour of his domestic worker Nomi.

In the music video, Dave shares how he knew he was on to a good song when Nomi stopped mid-vacuum to break it down to the beat.

After tweeting the video of Nomi dancing, he got the idea from a fan to feature Nomi in the official music video.

The video takes them on a road trip to Nomi's home town of Addo in the Eastern Cape where they picked up her frail mother so Nomi can better look after her.

Dave goes on to highlight that Nomi's life is hard. She is financially responsible for her mother, two sons and her husband. In an effort to help her, he started a Back A Buddy campaign to raise funds for her.

watch the epic collab below!

All streaming royalties from this song will be donated to Nomi to help her and her family.
Stream here: http://bit.ly/KiffNomi

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