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This athletics club is making a difference for children growing up in an area of Cape Town wracked by gangsterism and drugs helping to offer positive activities for youngsters growing up in those areas.

For Mandela Day on 17 July, the Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club is appealing for donations of old running shoes and spikes for needy athletes - and their goal has been set at 500 pairs of shoes.

Riyaad Avontuur talks to Kieno about the Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club (BCAC) which he started and the donations they need to keep kids off the streets and focused on the positive lifestyle that accompanies athletics.

Avontuur says the idea for a running club for children began after he came out of drug rehabilitation and began spending time on the field with his daughter.

Every day we started to practice on the field, just she and me.

Riyaad Avontuur, Founder - Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club

But soon their activities grabbed the attention of other children in the Bonteheuwel community.

Every day kids would come around and ask if they can join us running.

Riyaad Avontuur, Founder - Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club

His daughter asked him whether they could start a club, and they did.

The club kicked off in September 2018 but officially launched in January this year and Avontuur says it has over 100 children involved.

Take a look at Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club's Facebook page.

He says on Mandela Day, a barber and nail manicurist will be on the field, as well as Ajax footballer Grant Magerman.

Currently, the children in our club don't have the proper running shoes, they are running barefoot and it is cold.

Riyaad Avontuur, Founder - Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club

He is appealing to Capetonians' generosity.

I hope Cape Town is really listening to what I have to say. I am also 370 days away from drugs. This is keeping me going, helping the children of Bonteheuwel.

Riyaad Avontuur, Founder - Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club

There are a number of dropoff sites, but the main one is at their clubhouse, at Cedar Primary School, as well as at the office of Councillor Angus McKenzie.

Listen to the inspiring interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Help Bonteheuwel athletics club collect running shoes for kids

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