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Hauwei VS USA!

Sounds like an epic Mayweather VPacquiao Pay-Per-View but jokes aside, it's been the kernel of conversation over the past few weeks globally.

The US President shocked the world when he announced trade restrictions and in effect, a ban between the US and the world's No. 1 telecom supplier and No. 2 phone manufacturer, Huawei.

This meant zero support or roll out from Google to any Huawei devices!

How will this affect South African consumers and users of any Hauwei device?

  • Will I get updates?
  • Will I lose all my data?

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie spoke to Akram Mohammed, Chief Technology Officer at Huawei, to cut through the murky and dangerous waters of business and politics and how this affects you, the owner of a Huawei device in South Africa.

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