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Do you kiss?

How often do you kiss?

Clinical sexologist Dr Eve says many of those in relationships have stopped kissing and this is a concern because the kiss is more intimate than penetration.

Speaking to Eusebius Mckaiser, Dr Eve says kissing is important for arousal.

Kissing doesn't happen in so many relationships and it serves an important part in a relationship.

Dr Eve, Clinical sexologist

Research tells us that a lot of women make decisions based on the first kiss. Women engage in romantic kissing than men do.

Dr Eve, Clinical sexologist

Kissing is more intimate than penetration. Kissing is important for feeling the arousal that one needs to feel and can trigger that wonderful sensation.

Dr Eve, Clinical sexologist

Dr Eve share 42 reasons why people kiss:

Sexual/relational motives :

I wanted to show my affection to the person

I wanted to express my love for the person

It feels good

It is fun

I wanted to feel connected to the person

The person was attractive

I wanted to increase the emotional bond

The person’s physical appearance turned me on

The opportunity presented .itself

I wanted to initiate other sexual behaviours

I wanted to set the mood

I wanted to say “I've missed you”

I wanted to become aroused

I was “horny”

I wanted to life the person’s spirits

I wanted the experience

I wanted to feel attractive

I wanted the person to love me

I saw the person naked and could not resist.

Goal Attainment/insecurity motives :

I wanted attention

I wanted to feel better about myself

I felt obligated

I wanted to feel powerful

I was curious about my kissing abilities

I wanted to see if person was boyfriend/girlfriend material

I wanted the person to stop bugging me

I wanted to get out of something

I was on the “rebound” from another relationship

I wanted a favour

I was pressured

I felt guilty

I wanted to enhance my reputation

I was mad at the person so I kissed someone else

I wanted to get even

I wanted to make someone jealous I wanted to be popular

I was competing with someone to “get” the person

I wanted to punish myself

I wanted a raise/promotion

I wanted to defy my parent

I was offered money

I wanted to hurt /humiliate someone

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This article first appeared on 702 : Why do people kiss? Dr Eve explains 42 reasons

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