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When you hear the words ASTEROID or METEORS you can't help but think of movies like Armageddon or Deep Impact.

The world gripped in a tight panic!
Everyone either accepting their fate, running for cover or staying back to grab that UHD Flat Screen through the display window.

Well, if you want to relive those epic moments on the big screen, here's something meteor.

Prepare yourself to go into a mild state of panic as two large asteroids, namely 2019 MB4 and2019 NN3, both travelling well over 20 000 km/h will be making extremely close passes of Earth over the next couple of days.


Size Matters

Asteroid 2019 MB4 is 17 - 38m in length while 2019 NN3 is 35 - 77 meters.

Might not seem like a lot but try and find a rock or boulder that size just loosely lying around.


Both NEO's will be travelling at astronomical speeds!

Asteroid 2019 MB4 is travelling at 7.1km/s (or 25 560km/h) while 2019 NN3 is travelling at 8.84km/s (31 824km/h)!

These two pieces of space rock are set for a fly by in the next few days and you're wondering whether you should start packing and head for higher ground,

Carl Wastie spoke to Dr Daniel Cunnama, Science Engagement Astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory, about Earth's close encounter with two NEO's, neither of which are the ones that wiped out the dinosaurs, many moons ago.

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