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Medical teams in the Western Cape are preparing to help change an extra 250 lives this Mandela Day, but they need your help.

Surgical teams across the province are giving up their own time to perform an additional 250 procedures on July 18, Mandela's birthday.

Every year on that date, we're asked to do something to honour the 67 years during which Nelson Mandela fought for social justice.

This year, the Western Cape department of health is focussing their efforts on helping patients who may have been waiting several years for an operation.

The key challenge that patients have is waiting for hip and knee replacements, cataract surgeries...

Dr Beth Engelbrecht, Head - Western Cape Department of Health

For hip, knee and cataract surgeries, patients can wait between three and five years for their operations.

The department is asking for donations to help their staff carry out this enormous challenge.

To do a cataract procedure costs just over R2,000 - so we need money for the lenses, we need money for the hips that we put in - they are very expensive and the funding we ask for is for these types of procedures.

Dr Beth Engelbrecht, Head - Western Cape Department of Health

Since its inception in 2017, the Western Cape Department of Health’s Mandela Day Surgeries project has brought life-changing experiences to 262 vulnerable people who may otherwise have had to wait much longer for their operations.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Buy a hip, change a life this Mandela Day!

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