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In October last year, CapeTalk's Breakfast Show caught up with Cheryl Walters from the City of Cape Town after complaints from frustrated contractors not receiving the approval of their building plans.

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About two weeks ago the breakfast show spoke to Cheryl Walters, the City’s Director for Development Management regarding why it is taking so long for building plans to be approved.

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About a week ago the entire system for building plan submissions migrated online.

On Wednesday the breakfast show received a flurry of calls again stating that the entire process is a
not working.

Henk Lourens, the president of the Cape Institute for Architects, says while the system has the potential to be perfect, there is a major glitch.

Kieno Kammies speaks to Walters and Lourens about the issue.

Lourens says like, with any new technology, it takes a while to get used to the online system for plan submissions.

Once you are used to the system it runs quite smoothly - until such time as you hear there is perhaps a document missing or something needs to be done, and you then want to upload the new documents or upload the changes - and you discover that the plan has been withdrawn, not by yourself or your client, but by the official in the City.

Henk Lourens, President - Cape Institute for Architects

You have to reload everything from scratch again.

Henk Lourens, President - Cape Institute for Architects

He says this happens for every little glitch you encounter.

The system does actually allow you to save the document, so if there is an error it will show you the error and allow you to go back into the system.

Cheryl Walters, Director Development Management - City of Cape Town

Walters says she would like to discuss this with Lourens to discuss this.

I really want to understand where it chucks you out and you have to restart because that is not what we see.

Cheryl Walters, Director Development Management - City of Cape Town

She says on Thursdays users have an opportunity to come in and engage with officials, register and receive assistance.

We are prepared to come to his (Lourens) practice and assist him through what he is seeing from his side.

Cheryl Walters, Director Development Management - City of Cape Town

All documents need to be complete or the plans will not be passed, she reiterates.

Listen to the discussion below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'Every time you amend building plan online you have to start again from scratch'

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