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Surfer Joao Felizardo talks to Kieno Kammies about how he and a fellow surfer pulled their friend Dusty Phelan from the water after a shark bit him across both his legs while surfing at East Pier in Port Alfred a few days ago.

The Kowie Board Riders Club (KBC) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for medical costs for the young Port Alfred surfer. Donate via the funding page here.

Felizardo describes the attack and how they helped rescue their friend.

When I kicked off out of my wave I heard some screams.

Joao Felizardo, Surfer - Port Alfred

He paddled back to find out what was happening.

Then I saw a cloud of blood in the water.

Joao Felizardo, Surfer - Port Alfred

They managed to get Dusty to shore and tied a tourniquet around his leg, then phoned for help and stabilised him until medics arrived.

Dusty is doing well considering but is off to a doctor to check on his recovery and possible infection.

Listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Shark attack: 'I saw a cloud of blood in the water'

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