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South African singer Judith Sephuma has credited the late Johnny Clegg with helping to bring South African culture and languages to a global audience.

The minute he introduced our language to the world it made a huge difference to how the world viewed us.

Judith Sephuma, singer

The award-winning jazz and Afro-pop singer spoke to John Maytham about the impact both Clegg and his music had in South Africa and abroad.

The world keeps wanting to tap into who we are because of people like Johnny Clegg who are not ashamed of who they are as Africans.

Judith Sephuma, singer

In 2018 Sephuma was one of 50 local artists who collaborated on a tribute recording of Clegg's hit The Crossing.

Clegg died on Wednesday at his home in Johannesburg following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

The Grammy-nominated musician was one of only a handful of white artists to vehemently oppose and confront the apartheid regime.

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Listen as Judith Sephuma speaks about Johnny Clegg's contribution to South African music:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : He introduced our language to the world - Judith Sephuma on Johnny Clegg

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