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A laid-back pop track with a slight R&B influence, 'Who are you' was written by Jethro in January this year. During that time, Jethro was suffering from a bad case of writer’s block whilst putting too much pressure on himself focusing on what people want to hear.

“I had a random few minutes in between things one day and picked up my guitar, making an effort to try clear my mind and not really think about it too much. The chords, chorus and lyrical outline for 'Who are you' came almost instantly. I knew it wasn’t a big anthemic song, but it made me feel something. When I listen to it now months later, I still get that feeling.” says Jethro.

A downtempo and introspective offering with the focus on songwriting and lyrical content, the song was co-produced by Jethro and Ashley Valentine, with Regardt Scheepers on guitar.

“'Who are you' is a song about someone you love giving up on you and deciding you’re not worth their time. You end up questioning who you are and start to feel like maybe you deserved it. It’s about working through those feelings and realizing that this person wasn’t who you thought they were.”

Listen to 'Who are you' by Jethro Tait below!

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