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The township of Masiphumele situated in Cape Town, between Kommetjie, Capri Village, and Noordhoek was ravaged by fire in the early hours of Monday morning destroying 256 structures and killing one resident. 1280 people have been displaced by the fire.

Kieno Kammies speaks to community leader Maswazi Nkosi.

Despite Monday's storm that hit Cape town and the continuing rain and gale force winds on Tuesday, Nkosi says people are trying to pick up the pieces after the devastating fire.

People are just arriving in Masi now back from the places they slept yesterday. They are preparing to clear their places while they wait for materials.

Maswazi Nkosi, Community leader - Masiphumelele

He says residents have not gone to work and children are not at school.

Nkosi says any help such as food and blankets would be appreciated.

Disaster Risk Management's Mandy Thomas joins Kieno on the line.

She says Solid Waste first needs to clean up the fire-affected area before residents can start rebuilding.

Informal Settlement, Disaster Management, and the Electricity department were in the area on Monday, says Thomas.

All the department were there and they meet to see what the needs are.

Mandy Thomas - Disaster Risk Management

The fire-kit assessment has been completed and numbers calculated and hopefully will be delivered later on Tuesday, she says.

The following steps will be taken:

  • Solid Waste removes fire debris

  • Restructuring and blocking takes place

  • Infrastructure damage assessment is done eg. electricity and drainage

  • Residents will begin rebuilding structures themselves with the aid of the Informa Settlement Management department.

  • NGOs and other organisations assist with clothing, blankets and food

  • Sassa provides humanitarian aid and a stipend for affected residents

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : City needs to clear fire-affected area in Masi before rebuilding can start

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