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Ward 54 Councillor Nicola Jowell chats to Refilwe Moloto about issues that have been raised regarding bicycles ridden on the Sea Point promenade.

Freedom of movement is a primary principle of the city. We have no intention to halter or hinder that in any way.

Nicola Jowell, Ward 54 Councillor - Cape Town

She says since becoming ward councillor she has received four or five incidents of clashes between pedestrians and cyclists in the area, hence her decision to meet with one of the companies that rents out bicycles.

To be clear, the incidents have not only been about people riding rented bicycles, but it is also residents using their own bicycles.

Nicola Jowell, Ward 54 Councillor - Cape Town

In 2013 the promenade was opened up for bicycle, rollerblading and pedal scooter use and no longer only for pedestrian use and this was due to public pressure to do so, she says.

This was done with a public participation process and received a great deal of support and no objections at the time.

The area does, however, need to be a safe space for all who use it, she adds.

It is useful to meet with all involved such as the bicycle rental company and Parks and recreation, to work out a way to prevent accidents and increase safety for all users.

The promenade itself is open for all usage, but no bicycles and pedal scooters are allowed on the pavements.

Up-cycles has always been very pro-active in informing customers that the promenade is free to use but not the pavements...only one incident reported involved a rental bicycle

Nicola Jowell, Ward 54 Councillor - Cape Town

Listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Safe cycling on Sea Point promenade encouraged, says ward councillor

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