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UPDATE: Correction to earlier headline where we stated that Zolani was leaving Freshlyground.

Zolani Mahola has not left Freshlyground. See below statement issued by the band on 19 August 2019

In light of recent press, we’d like to make it clear to all our fans that Zolani and Freshlyground are still performing together until the end of the year.

Says Zolani Mahola “While I am going to be focusing on my solo career next year, fans will still be able to see me performing with Freshlyground until our NYE show at Kirstenbosch. Freshlyground is a brand and an entity that is always going to exist. We are always going to be collaborating with each other.”

Says manager & member Simon Attwell “Next year we’re all taking some time out to explore other projects and partnerships - after 17 years of fantastic music-making, it’s time for a break to recharge the creative batteries - we view this as a positive for the band long term”.

Fans will not be short of opportunities to see Freshlyground perform for the remainder of the year - with a Garden Route Spring Tour coming up in September, and multiple public performances scheduled culminating in the New Year's Eve concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

Zolani Mahola, lead singer of internationally acclaimed band Freshlyground is taking time to focus on her new venture as a solo artist and inspirational speaker.

In a press release, the singer announced that her final performance as a band will be on New Year’s Eve at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

In their 17 years together, Freshlyground took to all corners of the globe performing with musical icons like Stevie Wonder, Miriam Makeba, Shakira, BB King, Oliver Mtukudzi, andVusi Mahlasela.

“It’s been an epic journey, and Freshlyground will always be an integral part of my life story. I’m extremely proud of what our band has achieved and how we were able to unite our country through music and take our unique sound to the world. It may seem like the end of an era, but it’s certainly not goodbye.” says Zolani.

Using music and storytelling, Zolani says she's finally ready to express deeply personal themes of identity and belonging in her work. “While we are all connected and have so much in common, our experiences of the world are all unique and our individual stories must be acknowledged,” she says.

For her new musical style, you can expect a culture clash of Xhosa-folk meets acoustic Americana with the burning grit of indie-rock.

“We are still very much in each other’s lives and will continue to collaborate on amazing meaningful projects in the future. We are all taking some time to pursue other projects in the interim and we wish Zolani the best of luck for this next chapter,” says Freshlyground.

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