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Tired of getting lost when walking in your favourite town?

Worry not, Google has launched the new (Augmented Reality) AR-enabled navigation.

The new update will allow users to see their directions overlayed on the viewfinder of their camera.

If you are trying to find a street in Cape Town, you can simply open up your Google Maps app, type in your destination and point your camera until you see a direction arrow overlayed on the real world via your phone.

Google is using the massive machine learning resources at its disposal along with the information it has gathered with street view to now be able to show people where to go next.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor at Large - MyBroadband.co.za

Especially with walking directions, it is quite difficult for a GPS app to know which direction you are facing and try and guess which way you should be turning.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor at Large - MyBroadband.co.za

With augmented reality thing, you literally hold up your phone and it tries to analyse what it is seeing and tells you where to go.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor at Large - MyBroadband.co.za

Unfortunately, the new AR-navigation is only available on the google phone for now.

It is available on Google Pixel 3a in South Africa but not on My Samsung yet.

Jan Vermeulen, Editor at Large - MyBroadband.co.za

To try it out follow these steps:

Search for the location you want to go or tap it on a map,

Tap the directions button situated at the bottom,

Now select walking directions right at the top of your Maps screen,

Here you will find the new Live View option at the bottom, which you can enjoy by just tapping on it.

And off you go.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Google maps rolls out Augmented Reality walking directions

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