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As the adage goes,

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

John Wesley - 1778

Admit it: You’ve gone a little too long without washing some of your everyday, go-to clothes (think jeans, bras, and t-shirts). You're not alone.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt from the Isle of Wight has gone on the other side of extreme and decided to wear her wedding dress for-a-full-year! 365 days without washing the garment!

The 54 year old has gone as far as wearing her nuptial dress while making dinner, painted the deck wearing it, carried out some carpentry work, done chores and has been to an open-air festival in her fine and yet delicate threads!

Gives a whole new meaning to getting value for your money!

Mitch Matyana and Zoe Brown wanted to find out what's the longest you've worn an item of clothing without washing it?

Warning: you can actually smell some of the responses.

How Often Do You Really Really Have To Wash Every Type Of Clothing?

Well, thanks to the authors of _The Real Simple Guide to Real Life: Adulthood Made Easy, who clearly have gone to the ends of the earth to adulting a little easier for us common folk and have an easy-to-follow chart to answer that very question!

Quite nifty and easy to follow. Safe to say, if your circle of friends are start getting whiff of anything other than laundry fresh, emanating from your direction, it might not be your clothing.

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