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Get ready to feast your taste buds, as the second annual Appetite Fest takes place at Time Square in Tshwane from Friday until Sunday this week.

Former Masterchef judge, George Calombaris and Chef Shannon Bennett chat to Bongani Bingwa in studio.

They say shows like Masterchef have inspired cooking in households.

Cooking is an international language

Chef Shannon Bennett

Australian Masterchef celebrated multi-culturalism, says Calombaris.

Food is emotional.

George Calombaris, Former Masterchef judge

Calombaris has been visiting South Africa since 2010 and loves it. He says he is re-interpreting Chakalaka for a dinner being hosted on Thursday.

Doing research on that was really awesome...What makes great food is the people, and there is a warmth and generosity of spirit in South Africa.

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on 702 : George Calombaris: 'There's a warmth and generosity of spirit in South Africa'

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