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CEO and Founder Phillipa Geard of RecruitMyMom was recently named the 2019 Fairlady Santam Woman of the Future. This is award is presented to a female entrepreneur who has survived the first 1,000 days of business.

The mother of two was inspired by the talents and abilities of many skilled mothers who are a great asset in business provided they are given the environment and flexibility they require. Rather than lose these skills, RecruitMyMom seeks to find a solution to retaining these skills for forward-thinking companies.

Tracey Lange interviewed Phillipa about her win.

It means an enormous amount. It was a real acknowledgement to me and my team of the fact that we're making a real impact in South Africa, that we are changing the lives of women, that it's not just another recruitment company - there's a real positive social impact.

- Phillipa Geard, CEO and Founder of RecruitMyMom

Listen to the full clip below

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