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From fringe to mainstream!

Veganism might've been the butt of many jokes but it has grown into a multi million dollar industry and at an alarming rate!

So much so, food outlets have started offering plant based foods on their menus and some have gone as far as to drop the word "ham" from hamburger [but still serve bacon]!

The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown also found t PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals published a list of "animal friendly" phrases, alternatives to the English language idioms we all grew up with.

So, not only will you be able to buy your ethically sourced - fat free - low carb - heart foundation approved - edamame burger from your favourite outlet, but you'll have the lingo to match it too!

Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown found out what other popular phrases or sayings you would change to make them "animal friendly".

Listen To Some Of The Phrases Suggested by you Below

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