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The average person spends about 6 years of their life dreaming, having several dreams each night, only remembering 5% of them.

It's World Dream Day! Since we spend a large portion of our lives dreaming, what does your dream mean? Is there a particular reason why we have the dreams we have and can they unlock more than what we perceive?

Carl spoke to Ingrid Pollack, a Reiki Master and clinical social worker in private practice, who holds a honours degree in psychology, to find out exactly what our dreams mean, especially recurring dreams.

It's either the universe is trying to tell you something or it's your soul trying to tell you to pay attention to what's going on. Alternatively, you're being warned about something.

Ingrid Pollack, a Reiki Master and clinical social worker in private practice


Zoe shared her recurring dream about sand falling in the hourglass where it falls softly. At times, the sand falls with so much force, it leaves ripples in the sand that's already accumulated. A dream she's had about for fifteen years.

Listen to Ingrid's answer as to the meaning of Zoe's dream below


Should you want to find out what your dreams mean, you can contact Ingrid Pollack at:

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