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The typhoon might've put a dampener on proceedings this weekend in Japan but come rain or shine, the tongs are out this weekend and so will the whiff of fire and the unmistakable aromas of searing meat.

However, we've all been invited to a braai or hosted one where the worst thing can happen. Not a typhoon nor lack of people but that annoying "back seat braaier". That one person or a few who are Master Chef aficionados who seem to know everything from "16 Bean" Pasta E Fagioli to Yorkshire Puddings and they'll shout from the back

Dude! Are you sure the chicken's going to be done? The coals look dead!

- Annoying backseat braaier

Carl and Zoe shared and found out those annoying braai peeves that get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

You know, those little snide remarks or questions in a sarcastic tone, where you as host, have to just grin and bear it because you don't want to leave your guest hungry so you just entertain the "brain farts" as most of the people at the braai, you have to work with come Monday or they're the in-laws and their "know it all" friends.


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