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If you don't believe that love comes in all shapes and sizes and can be found in unexpected places, well if you're still a non-believer, well an American woman found love at the most unexpected place! On her wedding day!

Nanny Megan Willis from Baltimore, Maryland, met Mark Stone, 49 an events DJ, while she was in New York to arrange her wedding.

To cut a long story short. Megan got married and Mark was the wedding Dj. Megan was unhappy in her marriage, filed for divorce, met Mark at a bar. Marriage stories were shared and the rest? Well, they're happy together!

"I Fell for my service provider"

Carl and Zoe could not resist and wanted to know if you've ever fallen for your service provider?
From finding comfort in the rusk delivery man to an electrician who turned your lights on, the stories will surely make you believe that Love can be found during load-shedding.


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