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She’s being hailed as a triple threat in the music industry and has just released her second single 'Breathe you in.'

Her name is Georgia Rose, she's a new singing sensation and has recently been signed to John Fishlock, who has been responsible for artists such as Wet Wet Wet and Aretha Franklin.

She's a talented musician who not only sings but writes her own music and she joins Kineo Kammies live in studio to share her music and her journey.

Georgia hails from the town of George.

I always quite liked to listening to music and participating in the school choir. No one ever said 'you're the next Celine Dion', but I kept at it because I liked it.

Georgia Rose, Singer songwriter

I'd bump into someone from my mom's book club and they would say, so what are you really going to do now? I was getting so sick of it that I gave it a shot.

Georgia Rose, Singer songwriter

She studied a number of things from teaching to business, but realised she needed to follow her passion, and decided to give music a go.

I spent a season working on superyachts. And then I used that money to finance my first EP.

Georgia Rose, Singer songwriter

It helped her kickstart her career and make music on her own terms, she says.

I think my mom gave up on trying to tell me what to do at an early stage.

Georgia Rose, Singer songwriter

She sees herself as a bit of a rebel, although she started out in a private Catholic school.

Take a listen below to her music and her story:

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