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Founded in the 1990s, The Children’s Hospital Trust's purpose is to ensure the survival of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital through fundraising initiatives.

Carl Wastie along with Dis-Chem's Regional Manager, Wayne Sterling met up with the trust's CEO, Chantel Cooper to find out more about the incredible work that the non-profit organisation does and is doing to ensure that children have access to world-class healthcare.

Watch the video below.

Following their meeting, Carl Wastie invited Chantal on to The Flash Drive to enlighten listeners about The Children’s Hospital Trust's journey and purpose.

We raise funds for infrastructure, any building needs, equipment and we've expanded it into services.

Chantel Cooper, CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

Where the hospital needs us, we support them where we can... This wouldn't be possible without the support of donors.

Chantel Cooper, CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

A building is more than a building, it's the staff that's inside the building. So that they can continue to provide the care that the children need.

Chantel Cooper, CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

To ease the financial burden, Sherry Saltzman, from the Dis-Chem Foundation joined the call to announce a monthly pledge of R10 000.

It's R120,000 for the year which can go towards your renovations... doing up a ward beautifully for the children, or some toys for them... whatever your needs are to make the lives of these children a little more beautiful.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

Listen below to Carl Wastie's interview with CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust, Chantel Cooper and Dis-Chem Foundation's Sherry Saltzman.

Every time you swipe your Dis-Chem Benefit card when purchasing, Dis-Chem donates a percentage of the eligible purchase to the Foundation.

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