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JP Smith: Cape Town City by-law only prohibits 'aggressive begging'

Mayco Member JP Smith responded to caller's concerns of 'aggressive begging in Cape Town threatening business in the city centre.'

Honeymoon scuppered: Local man describes being scammed R60K by Destiny Holidays

CapeTalk listener Paul had planned his honeymoon, and he and 32 others, lost over R2m to a seeming fly-by-night travel agency.

Alcohol the biggest cause of unruly passenger behaviour, says aviation expert

Plane Talking MD Linden Birns breaks down some of the costs incurred when a passenger causes the plane to divert.

Capetonian Denzil Daniels can be reunited with his family, says Home Affairs

Daniels family believed he had died until he was recently found in eSwatini after being missing for six years.

[WATCH] A group of men load impala carcass in taxi at Kruger National Park

Khabazela shares tweets and Facebook posts that have gone viral.

Beware pneumonia-causing bacteria lurking in your geyser (and how to kill it)

Stellenbosch University's Dr Jo Barnes says Legionella can only survive the water temperature up to 50 degrees.

City of Cape Town plans in place to deal with heavy rains and flooding

Heavy downpours on Tuesday have left parts of the city flooded but no evacuations were initiated.

Lion's Head trail path update after TMNP had to redo contractor's shoddy work

Table Mountain National Park's senior section ranger Jaclyn Smith says it is pleased with the recent inspection's outcome.

City of Cape Town in bid to rein in unruly taxi drivers

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security JP Smith worried by negligent and dangerous driving.

Twenty Cape Town dogs facing euthanasia find safe homes

Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha was overcrowded and the public stepped up and came to the rescue.

Is your WhatsApp hacked? Here is how to find out

Spyware can easily trawl through calls, texts and other data as well as activate the phone’s camera and microphone.

Why harvester termites on the rise in the W Cape (and what do do about them)

The South African Pest Control Association has tips on how homeowners can prevent these insects from destroying structures.

UCT study to find out why people lose weight only to gain it all (and more) back

The study is looking for participants between the ages of 25 and 45 to undergo a 6-week working memory training.

Cheetah research discovery throws light on new way to monitor sports performance

A project which was initially meant to investigate the properties of cheetahs’ tails has given birth to human applications.

'We're not going to brush the issue of people voting twice under the carpet'

Western Cape's IEC chief electoral officer, Rev Courtney Sampson says the concerns raised by voters are taken very seriously.

Emotional Brownies and Downies founder joyous, hears her ban lifted live on air

The coffee shop employing people living with Down Syndrome was on the verge of closing down but Home Affairs came to the rescue.

Important things you need to know ahead of the big day

IEC vice-chairperson Janet Love clarifies some of the processes voters need to be aware of before Wednesday.

'Winter rains will get Cape Town through summer but not out of the woods'

Climate scientist Dr Peter Johnson gives an analysis of the rainfall data and how much is needed to adequately replenish the dams.