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Official dealerships DON'T all sell new cars for the same price- rip-offs abound

Wendy Knowler tells the story of a client who nearly got overcharged more than 500k for a new Audi - on The Money Show

Can you turn off the 'tap and go' on your card? Here's what SA's 5 top banks say

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler looks at the 'tap and go' feature on credit cards and the safety of these contactless cards and asks if it can be disabled.

Listen to Wendy Knowler's financial advice before you splurge on Black Friday

Consumer Journalist Wendy Knowler joins The Flash Drive with tips and advice to keep in mind when shopping on Black Friday.

Food fraud: Could you be eating fake honey?

CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson chats to consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler about adulterated (fake) honey.

6 common mistakes we've all made when buying our first car

Thinking of buying your first car? Best you avoid these common mistakes to save yourself a ton of money.

The truth about best-before dates: You're throwing away perfectly good food

Do you throw away food as soon as it's reached its best before date? You're probably wasting a lot of perfectly edible food.

Don't get caught out by a smooth-talking call centre agent ever again

Have you ever hung up a telesales call not knowing exactly what you just signed up for? You're not alone.

Can I get a refund? Here's what the CPA says about it

Can I get a refund? Wendy answers the most popular Consumer Protection Act question asked by consumers across South Africa.

Airport baggage theft and more: A guide to surviving airline travel in SA

If you've ever fallen victim to airline baggage theft, this guide for surviving airline travel in South Africa is a must-read.

Got a serious complaint? Here's the best way to get your email read

Here are the distinct characteristics of an email that no one can ignore.

Boost for Gift of the Givers as more MySchool card holders add it as beneficiary

Wendy Knowler tells The Money Show how GOTG's income from the Woolworths community loyalty programme has trebled this year.

How your PIN can be obtained by criminals in under 5 minutes #ConsumerTalk

Pippa Hudson is joined by consumer journalist Wendy Knowler every Wednesday on Lunch with Pippa on Cape Talk

Consumers should not have to fight for right to access recorded calls

Why do consumers have to jump through so many hoops? Consumer ninja Wendy Knowler makes her case on The Money Show.

Millions of South Africans aren't aware they have credit life insurance cover

Over a quarter of credit life insurance policy holders have no idea they're paying for that protection, reports Wendy Knowler.

Watch out for credit card scammers at parking pay points

We're all aware of ATM fraud. But be on the lookout at parking pay stations at the mall as well, warns Wendy Knowler.

'Some restaurants are holding on to waiters' tips to claw back their losses'

Yes, restaurants are struggling, but that doesn't make it ok to shortchange staff says Wendy Knowler on The Money Show.

Why it's a bad idea to ditch or downgrade your car insurance to save on costs

Involved in an accident you didn't cause? Third party claims don't pay out much. Wendy Knowler shares one driver's horror story.

Been burned by ticket scammers? A cautionary tale about reselling sites

A Joburg couple's story had a happy ending when they did finally get to see Federer play Nadal, but was the stress worth it?