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Bikes 'n Wines

Bikes 'n Wines
2018-03-06 12:28:00 PM - 2018-03-11 12:28:00 PM
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Bikes ‘n Wines runs bicycle wine tours through the Cape’s famous winelands where our guests enjoy the best wine tasting Cape Town has to offer. We also offer bike rentals and Cape Town bike tours which include beer, food and art cycle tours through the city.

Our aim is to speak to the adventurous individual seeking a more authentic South African touring experience.

Our tours provide you with the opportunity to visit the Winelands by spending the day cycling through the vineyards and along private farm roads, dipping your feet in rivers and dams along the way and learning about this historically diverse area by experiencing its richness.

Mind your business: Through our use of public transport and bicycles, as well as other recycling initiatives, Bikes ‘n Wines alleviates its carbon footprint; absorbing all of the environment’s beauty without releasing harmful pollutants into it. Set a good example for your office and kickstart some green thinking by associating with businesses involved in environmentally aware practices.

Bikes ‘n Wines is a new concept in Winelands’ tourism and a South African first, combining both mountain biking and exclusive wine tastings. The tours are targeted at young-hearted and outdoor-loving people who would like to experience a wine tour from a different and authentic viewpoint. Up to four first-class Stellenbosch wine estates, situated 50 km outside of Cape Town, are visited during the day, accessed by private farm roads that take riders through vineyards and quiet tree-lined roads, with dazzling vistas along the way.

Bikes ‘n Wines caters for all ages and fitness levels, offering personalised tours as well as adventures for groups and corporates.