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Katlego Maphai was on track for a successful career as an ICT consultant, but after years of working for big names, and consulting on big projects all over the world, an idea that had been niggling him for ages started to take hold.

“As a kid you develop resilience around your environment and you learn to push through. I was always self-conscious about it growing up but now I am grateful for being exposed to tough things, because whatever happens in the company I don’t see as an anomaly, I see it as life.”

Katlego Maphai, CEO Yoco

Katlego had a vision for how technology could help small and micro businesses get paid, without them having to pay a fortune for bank-credit card infrastructure. It was this vision that led him to start Yoco, a mobile business solution that allows for payment and real time business analytics, using nothing more than a card reader and a cellphone. In two years, the product has expanded rapidly, and it's growth shows no signs of slowing.

In this episode of Face to Face with Success, Charlotte Kilbane talks to him about making the leap from the safety of employment to the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship, and finds out what motivated him to build a product that makes a difference.

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