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From a very junior position at Protea Hotels as a teenager, to her appointment as Sales Director in 2014, aged
just 30, Dorcas Dlamini has blazed her way to the top.

The daughter of two teachers, her desire to be better started at a very young age. Aged just 4 or 5, she managed to convince her mom to allow her to go to “big school”, and start grade one.

She matriculated at 16, and although she was studying web design, found her big break after she took up a position at Protea Hotels.

She had no relevant experience, she was still a teenager, but they saw something in her and she got the job.

Charlotte Kilbane

This natural-born A-type personality took the opportunity to learn as much as she could from her seniors through informal mentorships and coaching, and rose to become Protea Hotels’ first black woman director.

Success is not overnight at all. It’s the hours you put in, the energy. You work and you learn.

Dorcas Dlamini

Dlamini shares her journey to success with Charlotte Kilbane, discussing self-doubt, her drive to constantly improve herself, and her responsibility to other South African women.

We’ve got to take a step back and relook how we are nurturing and how we are acquiring talent out there.

Dorcas Dlamini

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This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Dorcas Dlamini, dynamo of the hospitality industry

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