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From his first-ever speaking role on a stage in Port Elizabeth in 1965,
to a part in one of the biggest Marvel blockbusters of 2016 (Captain America:
Civil War), actor, director and playwright John Kani is a legend of South African theatre, and a voice of honour and reason.

It’s something in the centre of the soul, which suddenly says yes – this is it!

John Kani

He was lauded for his work in plays such as Sizwe Banzi is Dead and The Island overseas, while back home in South Africa he was jailed and harassed – and survived an assassination attempt.

But Kani, who has kept the vision of his journey in his mind since 1970, did not falter – and continued what he calls
his “eternal and perpetual pursuit of perfection”.

Being clear in your mind what you want from life. What you demand from life. What you know is your due.

John Kani

Find out how John Kani forged a path to success, even when everything was against him, discover his deeply moving
career highlight, and discuss how far South Africa has drifted from the country he fought for.

This article first appeared on 702 : Meet John Kani, a legend of South African theatre

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