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A long wait in a local hospital queue for a young 14-year-old girl inspired her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Forty years later, a passionate Dr Maggie Mokotedi and her daughter Malebo are making a difference by offering quality healthcare to South Africans who are in need of it.

You must have a dream and you must follow that dream. Not just follow it, follow it with passion.

Dr Maggie Mokotedi

Plagued with challenges in terms of access and affordability, the South African healthcare landscape was open for new developments.

Using her private and public sector expertise, she embarked on a business venture which specifically focused on addressing the “missing middle” - the employed but uninsured part of the population.

For her daughter Malebo Mokotedi, watching the impact that her mother made in the lives of her patients inspired her to follow the same career path.

Motivated to effect change in healthcare delivery, the mother-daughter doctor duo partnered with Microsoft to create an app which effectively replaced workplace health days. In essence, the app required businesses to encourage its employees to sign up for appointments to have tests done of which the results would be communicated via the app.

Through doing this, we started interacting with patients and picking up diseases very early.

Dr Malebo Mokotedi

While the concept worked very well, to close the loop, the pair created specific packages for employees which allowed them to delve into the medical insurance space.

Before long, they established the state-of-the-art Mediwell centre with the financial support of Identity Development Fund.

Together, the pair has approached medicine with a personalised and affordable holistic approach to wellness.

We aim not just to be successful but significant, and leave an impact with the business ventures that we go into.

Dr Malebo Mokotedi

Determined to leave a legacy in their communities, their hopes to expand into other parts of the country will soon be realised.

Listen to Maggie and Malebo Mokotedi in conversation with Nikiwe Bikitsha in this week’s Face to Face With Success, brought to you by Nashua.

This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Maggie and Malebo Mokotedi: Queens of holistic healthcare

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