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Meet the first woman of colour to take the helm at Cape Town’s biggest theatre.

Marlene le Roux is the CEO of Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. She’s also a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled and the youth. Stricken with polio when she was just 3 months old, Marlene was found freedom on the stage, captivating audiences with her pitch perfect voice.

“I realized that I need to educate, and I must drive myself, and I’m not going to sit in a corner and say ‘ag shame this has happened to me’. I am going to make it.”

Marlene le Roux, CEO - Artscape Theatre

“You can’t talk about the empowerment of artists and decolonizing spaces like Artscape, but you don’t talk about having arts education which is subject-based matter in our schools, because then you don’t address the systemic challenges”

Marlene le Roux, CEO - Artscape Theatre

She shares with us her lifelong journey in the arts, and education, and tells us why the arts are so vital to uplifting the new generation of South Africans

This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Marlene le Roux, the transformation stalwart who helms Artscape Theatre

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