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From a tiny store in Cape Town’s Kloof Street to something of an empire during its 20-year evolution, Melissa’s has fondly cemented itself in the hearts of its customers, countrywide.

Built on strong values, personal authenticity and a passion for producing quality goods, today Melissa’s boasts 17 stores in Cape Town and Gauteng with 6 more in the pipeline, 400 employees and over 300 national retailers.

Melissa tells us how, one homemade rusk at a time, she devoted almost half her life to empowering other housewives like herself to grow their own businesses.

Success doesn’t come easily, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of focus to ultimately end up with what your dream was.

Melissa van Hoogstraten, Founder of Melissa's

Offering a taste of home (away from home), Melissa is selling her personal mantra and it is embodied in every single product in every single store.

It’s got to be driven by passion, it’s got to be started doing something you love.

Melissa van Hoogstraten, Founder of Melissa's

In this week’s Face to Face with Success, Melissa van Hoogstraten shares her recipe for organic success.

This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Melissa van Hoogstraten: Baking her way into SA’s heart

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