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Growing up in the Eastern Cape, just like any other little boy, Mteto Nyati wanted to become a doctor. Until the day his life kicked into high gear as one of the top 10 students selected to represent South Africa in the International Science Olympiad.

With the world at his feet, he quickly realised that there was so much more beyond medicine and decided to follow the engineering route - a subject he would later become deeply passionate about.

Over the next few years, Nyati applied the analytical abilities he developed to various leadership positions he held at global tech giants like Microsoft, IBM and MTN.

We are often associated, as black people, as people who mess things up. Here we are being asked to come and fix.

Mteto Nyati, CEO of Altron

And, whilst there were many challenges that shaped him into the ‘telecoms turn-around powerhouse’ he is today, nothing came close to the challenge of being the only black man amongst a group of white professionals taking responsibility for all the countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Forewarned by his boss, Nyati made it through the difficult task and was later nominated to represent IBM at the Yale World Fellow.

Here is this person from Tabase, Mthatha being asked to go and do something like this. I felt this is great, this is success for me!

Mteto Nyati, CEO of Altron

Symbolic of the transformation he strives for - today, Nyati stands at the helm of Altron, a company founded by an Afrikaner, Bill Venter 52 years ago – ready to take the company to new heights.

In this week’s Face to Face with Success, Mteto Nyati shares his success story.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Meet Mteto Nyati: King of ICT transformation

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