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It took a life-threatening accident to push Keedo founder Nelia Annandale to finally take the leap and start her own business, providing pretty and environmentally sustainable children’s clothing.

“There was always money in my pocket because of my entrepreneurial spirit.”

Nelia Annandale

Annandale’s father had encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit in his five children, and that stuck through university and into adulthood.

After battling to find unique, pretty clothes for her twins, she started making her own – eventually opening a small shop to sell them.

But it took a serious skiing accident – a day which she describes as “one of the most significant days of my life” and which resulted in five facial fractures, a skeletal fracture and a stopped heart – to give her the “wake-up call” that she needed to take her business further.

“There’s only one way to do business, and that is the ethical way.”

Nelia Annandale

In spite of the collapse of the textile industry, a huge desire to be a job provider and look after her “second family” – women who often started from nothing, and who took control of their careers – kept her going.

Annandale sits with Charlotte Kilbane to discuss her path to success, her advice for young entrepreneurs – and how success is so much deeper than the money you earn.

This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Nelia Annandale, South African retail queen

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