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He’s been behind the world’s best design and creative gathering – Design Indaba – for 22 years. And every year, he has managed to take it to even greater heights.

Established in his role as a key player in the Africa’s creative space, Ravi Naidoo doesn’t follow the generic template available to lead his team.

I think all too often in business people try to find a formula, and then they treat people as automatons in a company. God that’s the kiss of death I couldn’t think of anything more banal, and more boring.

Ravi Naidoo - CEO and founder of Design Indaba

Creating an immersive experience, the Design Indaba steers away from dictating to creatives. Instead, they strive to show the power of creativity as exemplars – making it up as they go along.

While businesses look at ROI (Return on Investment), Ravi quantifies success in a creative space with Return on Impact and while the Design Indaba must generate a profit, it is less about the event and more about the impact.

I’m here to have impact, or else I’m just taking too much of space.

Ravi Naidoo - CEO and founder of Design Indaba

Having made his mark, Ravi doesn’t feel quite that comfortable calling himself successful. With the world at his feet, his fundamental belief that "my best years are ahead of me" is what will keep him occupied way past retirement age.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Ravi Naidoo - The creative genius behind the Design Indaba

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